It's been one year since Style Takes Heart aka Valentine launched - 
one whole year since I sent my very first valentine to my sweet friend Lucinda of Chocolate Creative Design.  
I remember my heart bursting that day -  I was truly proud to put something I loved out into the world.
And what a year it's been. . . and now . . .
I adore this forum and i'm so grateful for it - in an ideal world every post would be filled with love, inspiration, and tim riggins  ahem, eye-candy.  And I promise to do just that.
I will return in September full force.  
I have so much more love to give, and we have a BIG project to share.

But this month, I must focus on some other things . . . one of the biggest is selling our blue now gray house
image by Meredith Nelson
the same house that the lovely Ms. Jacqueline Clarke so graciously chose to feature in a home tour for SMP living.  A few of my faves below . . . 

- click HERE for full tour -

I just might sprinkle a few posts in before I'm back for good.  
stay tuned for a farewell valentine to our gray house . . . our home.  the only home my babies have ever known. {sigh}

I'm also going to use this month to spend as much time with those "babies" as possible before they start full-day kindergarten in september. {breathe}

so thank you to my readers for your kind praise and support this past year - I can't wait to give you all the content you deserve.

in the meantime, abandon your clocks and enjoy the dog days of summah - embrace every last ounce of those smiles on newly freckled faces, sandy feet & wet hair, sleeping in, drinking wine like watah . . . we will all be craving a schedule soon enough but this is it.  it's august.  it's time to soak it all up.  

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  1. 100% serious about hiring you to come help me figure out what to do with our new home. Your style is impeccable! Also, sorry for the emo convo last night. That must have been super fun for you ��.