Gregg Renfrew is the CEO and founder of my new obsession, Beautycounter.

I was lucky enough to meet her last night.

I was very recently introduced to Beautycounter and at the risk of sounding dramatic, it has already changed my life.
I was immediately smitten with the packaging, and then the amazing products . . . and then, well then, I learned about the mission.

It's no secret that I love pretty things, and I love sharing them with you via Valentine.  Every now and then I have the desire to dig a little deeper.  And now I am, and this is it.  I truly feel that I have met my match with Beautycounter.  
PLEASE watch this brief video so you can see what I am so excited about!

but don't just trust me.  see who else can't stop talking about it.

ELLE named Beautycounter as a 'game-changing beauty brand'

yup, it's definitely a game changer for me.

Minnie Mortimer told Vogue that Beautycounter "changed her life".
and check out what my hero, Tami Taylor {aka Connie Britton} told Bobbi Brown in this yahoo interview.

Oh, Tami, always the voice of reason.  

Speaking of voices of reason. . . 
this interview with Gregg & her daughters melts my heart.

As I mentioned, it's been a whirlwind of two weeks but I've loved every moment. 
I cannot learn enough about these products and this company.  I'm all in!

 this is a silly little thing I'd like to share - I was texting with our sitter today about how last night went with my girls while we attended Gregg's event in Cambridge . . .
I'm so grateful for this opportunity to show my girls what healthy and beautiful looks like.

I feel so GOOD about this. {can you tell?!}
and I want you to feel good, too-
so here are ten things I cannot fathom living without, even though I didn't know they existed 2 weeks ago.

{I definitely could not choose just ten so I cheated with Number 1 a bit because I am obsessed with this entire collection.}
1. The Countertime Collection
Our scientifically-proven line, Countertime, revolves around deeply hydrating, nourishing, firming, and lifting formulas that effectively fight the signs of aging. All six products are composed of powerful, natural, and botanical ingredients.
2. Lustro face Oil
A luxurious blend of seven radiance-boosting oils—including organic argan nut, organic grapeseed, organic marula, meadowfoam seed, rosehip, rose otto and sea buckthorn—deeply nourishes skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This concentrated, yet lightweight elixir is easily absorbed, sinking into skin for lasting moisture (and making it the perfect primer for makeup). Jasmine oil provides a sweet floral scent—plus it promotes the appearance of increased elasticity, and is excellent for dry or mature skin.
3. Hydrate Body Lotion
Our lightweight citrus-mint body lotion is like a drink of water for thirsty skin. Made with a moisturizing blend of marula, mongongo, and safflower oils plus shea and jojoba butters, this fast-absorbing formula feels rich and nourishing. Perfect for everyday use and packed with antioxidants, amino and fatty acids to soften and condition skin.
4. Lustro Body Oil
A nourishing and luminescent oil treatment for the whole body, this intensely moisturizing blend of 13 oils leaves skin looking silky, smooth and glowing. Vitamin and antioxidant-rich oils like apricot, organic argan nut, meadowfoam seed, organic sweet almond, sea buckthorn and organic marula blend together for a luxurious feel (that's also easily absorbed). Rose otto oil, and an aromatic blend of grapefruit, sweet orange and rosemary support balanced-looking skin—all with a beautifully complex scent.
5. Rose Water Spray
Organic rose essence and purified water combine to nourish skin and create a dewy glow, so skin looks healthy and feels instantly refreshed. Beauty bonus: mist your face after makeup to set. Perfect for a midday pick-me-up or when you're on the go (air travel can dehydrate skin). A few quick spritzes around your bed pillows impart a light rose aroma as you sleep.
6. Lip Shine
Natural-looking luster. Our non-sticky Lip Shine formula imparts a clear, healthy sheen to lips when applied. Smooth, breathable and lightly scented with vanilla planifolia for a sophisticated look and feel that's never too sweet. Wear it alone, or over your favorite Lip Sheer for lustrous dimension and depth. Quick tip: if using over lip color, be sure to clean applicator tip with each use. When used alone, apply directly to bare lips.
7. Lip Conditioner
Not only is this one of the most moisturizing lip balms out there, but it's formulated with Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil, which all have intrinsically regenerative properties. That sweet scent you smell? It’s Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil and Anthemis Nobilis Flower (Chamomile) Oil whose anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin.
8. Tint 
Our game-changing Tint Skin Complexion Coverage is a creamy tinted moisturizer that evens out skin tone and diffuses pores for a glowing complexion. Three years in development, this lightweight formula goes on seamlessly and blends effortlessly.
9. Lip Sheer in Petal 
Sheer brilliance. Our team worked meticulously to create the ultimate lipstick: the perfect mix of sheer color and polished sheen. The result? A formula that feels lightweight yet luxurious on lips while moisturizing and conditioning, too.
10. Kidscounter Bath Collection
Beautycounter believes children deserve to be protected—which is why we've taken special care to create a bath collection that is pH-balanced and gentle on the skin (and smells yummy, too).

Visit my Beautycounter site for these ridiculously addictive products and so much more.
And I would love to answer any questions about the mission, the product, or the business.

join the movement.
lead the change.
happy weekend!


We spent the weekend in charming Quechee, Vermont where I visited Simon Pearce.
The Quechee gorge was pretty much frozen this past weekend, but breathtaking, nonetheless.

I could have watched and chatted up these dudes all day.
Both fascinating and therapeutic to witness. . .
and then there was the restaurant.
The food was absolute perfection. Savored every bite.  
The vermont cheddar soup was heaven in a bowl.
My lovely lunch date ordered the cheddar bites & ravioli which were also divine and I had the quiche du jour {that's the quiche of the day}
We finished it off with the apple crisp and I may or may not have had a few cocktails to round out the meal - it only made sense that I test out the various glassware.

see Simon's incredible journey here

I love giving Simon's pieces as wedding gifts.  They are born of passion and love, are beautiful, and need to be handled with care - much like marriage.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, we are backlogged with wedding gifts and have a few on the horizon, so I just might cross a few off the list today as it's bloomingdale's friends & family and they have a wide selection of simon pearce.

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Was looking for some springy frenchies to share with you today to celebrate the first day of the new {and hopefully warmer} season!
 --even though it's snowing in the Northeast  *deep breaths*--

My search led me to this adorable wedding inspiration shoot on green wedding shoes.

From GWS
To quote Lauren Peele, the talented photographer behind our next feature, Nothing is quite so dreamy as fluid watercolors, bright pastels, and French Bulldog puppies! 

I've been known to paint a frenchie gold {or silver  . . .or black} myself a time or two {or three}



best. movie. ever.

I will be channeling my inner Samantha {sans teen angst} this spring with some pale pink wardrobe additions, slightly updated, because let's face it, she was pretty damn near perfect.

literal heart palpitations.
Jake: Happy birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.
Samantha: It already came true.

Our new home has what we refer to as the "lady den" {to counteract "mantown"} 
I have pretty movie posters hanging of all my favorites as constant reminders of a joy only john hughes can provide.

poster via AmyMcAdamsDesign


Last year, I wrote a Valentine to St. Pat's day loaded with green loveliness {ahem, if I do say so myself}
This year I set out to find 17 green things that make me happy . . . it was not difficult.

1. yes, please to the Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Armchair from Anthropologie 
2. dirty martinis are my go-to cocktail - adore this illustration by marcella kriebel
3. I want two of these tildon wall mirrors for above the double vanity in the Master Bathroom.
4. we all know how I feel about tassels.  This mini leather tassel strand from bauble bar is super fun
5. green & gold glitter nail polish
7. I'm green with envy for Cameron Diaz's emerald and copper kitchen
9. this stunning swiss dot saloni dress is perfect for a summer wedding - we have 3 coming up!
11. my fave book ever, The Giving Tree
12. my girls wore this cute floral cluster sweatshirt to school today.  It will be perfect for layering this spring.
13.  been sweating a gray malin for some time - love the aerials of central park.  reminds me of the hungover carefree days of my 20s soaking up the sun in sheep meadow . . . I digress . . .
14. have I mentioned my Master Bath fixation? LOVING this one via degournay chinoiserie
15. two green thumbs up to the Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch Tabletop Collection
16. I really want the Valentino Rockstud Pump in pink but would settle for the green.  {get in my closet!}
17.  feeling particularly lucky this st. patty's day to be in our new home, which happens to be . . . you guessed it . . . green.


If you haven't seen Cinderella yet, you might be thinking I'm a big Disney tool right now. 
I assure you, this movie is legit.
run don't walk . . .
bring your sons, daughters, husbands, parents, girlfriends . . . go solo if you must!
It is visually stunning, with a lovely message for all.  
A classic fairy tale, modernized to perfection.
Oh, and these two. . .
these. two.

Vanity Fair shows the making of Cinderella's magnificent costumes

I want in on this hug.

buying this print for my girls' room . . .
via happywater press