I simply cannot resist the love story between a gal and her dog.  Introducing a new series of posts about just that.  

Starting off with the spotlight on two gorgeous goldens: Abby Capalbo & Otto. 

There is much to admire about Ms. Capalbo- her new style consulting venture & sleek blog,  her general adorableness, I could go on, but of course what draws me to her the most is her obsession with her dog.

Abby was kind enough to share a few favorites about Otto:

My favorite thing about Otto is that he is a complete hooligan. I know, it's a weird thing to love. He's always two steps ahead of me and is horribly mischievous - but it cracks me up. He honestly makes me laugh all day long. I've never known a dog with so much personality. 
His favorite place in our house is wherever we are. He's like a big fluffy shadow. If he had to pick his favorite spot though, it would definitely be our bed. We swore when he was a puppy we would never be "those people" that let our dog sleep in the bed, but he won that battle with his puppy dog eyes. He's spoiled rotten. 
images by leila brewster
he sounds kind of like george.  
except a lot fluffier and not nearly as naughty.  

We are in the early stages of a master suite renovation and I daydream about our future bedroom a greater percentage of the day than I'd like to admit.  So I was wide-eyed {especially for a monday morning} when I saw Miss Abby's post featuring her favorite bedroom color palettes.  One of each, please.

enjoy that beautiful bedroom, Otto! and please keep the pretty posts coming, Abby.

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  1. Thanks for the super sweet post! Otto loves the spotlight! xoxo