As pathetic as it may be, since middle school, there's been a constant in my life that I cannot deny, 
the J. CREW catalog.
To this day, with each one, comes a twinge of excitement . . . 
but wow, that feeling way back when was something else.  
I remember lusting after the rainbow of anoraks and carefully filling out "order forms" . . .  there may have even been 'white-out' involved in the order process.
I'm dating myself . . . again.
enjoy the throw-back!

pretty sure I got my dad this sweater for Christmas.  
with my employee discount. holla.

oh, what's up, joey potter?!

 OMG. . . remember this guy?

ronny miller forevs . . .

1989.  8th grade.  these swimsuits were everything.

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