A lot of people are complaining that it's too hot right now in the Northeast, while I secretly love not loathe it - and long to bottle it up for the inevitable colder seasons.  It finally feels like summer, in all it's hot, humid, spectacular sweaty glory.  
Ahhhhhh, summer!

Unfortunately, we can't bottle this shiz up, folks, but we can find things that embody the beauty of this elusive season.

Enter: French photographer Christian Chaize.

Every year, Christian travels to Praia Piquinia in southern Portugal {ahem, my homeland} and takes quintessential photographs of the same beautiful beach from the same vantage points as he documents the age old theory - 
no matter how much changes, how very much stays the same.  
The results are stunning.

of course I'm not the only fan . . . his sun-drenched masterpieces brighten the spaces of the seriously stylish near and far. . .

And get this - Christian offers a subscription - YES,CHAIZE.

I  kind of live for this concept-
But until CBC really wants to pony up {pun intended} for such an epic gift, I'll settle for the brilliant coffee table book, TIME & TIDE.  
It makes me so happy . . . all year long.


Nestled among the cobblestone streets of my happy place, is one of my favorite stores ever, with the most darling shop owner imaginable.

In the ivy covered shop just off of Main Street, there is a boutique called Milly & Grace. Named after her grandmothers, the owner, Emily Hollister, curates her collection to reflect the personalities of her sassy grandmother, Milly, and her sweet grandmother, Grace. With an infusion of her personal feminine style, Emily maintains a balance between contemporary fashion and timeless pieces. Emily is known for her meticulously edited collection that is catered to the modern, chic woman. Milly & Grace offers clothing and accessories to suit every occasion, treasures for your home and gifts for someone who has everything. Entering into its sixth season, Milly & Grace is now a staple retailer on Nantucket.

For the past 4 years, the "Marblehead Moms" have pilgrimaged to the Nantucket Wine Festival, and all 19 of us bank on finding our perfect outfits at Milly & Grace.  And we always do!  

Everything Emily Ott Hollister chooses for her store is truly special.  

 Some of my best {and foggiest} memories, I was wearing something fabulous from this establishment.
And my daily M & G reminder hangs in the "lady den" . . .

{ahem, I'm sure her second fave blog is Valentine.}

She's the definition of lovely. literally.

adjectivelovelier, loveliest.
charmingly or exquisitely beautiful:
a lovely flower.
having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mindas well as to the eye, as a person or a face.
delightful; highly pleasing:
to have a lovely time.
of a great moral or spiritual beauty:
a lovely character.

If you want to treat yourself to the inside scoop of what's happening with Milly & Grace and some major eye candy - follow them on Facebook, Twitter &  Instagram  -

you're welcome.

Can you even stand it?

I obvs bought this and can't wait to use it once Project Ballast is complete!

gift wrapping on fleek. always.

I have the utmost respect for Emily as a business woman and person.   She is immeasurably genuine and kind. 

When she graciously offered to host a Beautycounter party for me, I was beyond thrilled.  
Not only does it validate all that I already whole-heartedly believe in the Beautycounter brand, products, and mission, but I get to spend time at Milly & Grace, sipping rose amongst friends & clients.  
Yes, please!  

Pinching myself.  

Please join us if you are on island one week from today!




the nerd in me loves this video explaining Manhattanhenge.

I've kept my love affair with NYC no secret over the years.  Trite as it may seem, this city holds a sizeable piece of my heart, for various reasons.  Not the least of which, it's where I met and fell in love with horseface CBC, in the thick of our mid-twenties majesty.  We recently celebrated our ten year anniversary in the big apple, missing manhattenhenge by a few weeks, unfortunately.  {It was raining, regardless}

We had a wonderful stay at the broome.  'Twas not Paris, as planned, but there was a significant nap involved so it was tres magnifique in my book.

Continuing with our fronch theme, we celebrated with a special meal at Mas {farmhouse} 

This is code for tiny portions and lots of wine.  
Again, okay in my book.

We rounded out our brief jaunt with a leisurely brunch in SoHo, some Laduree macarons and the times {style section, 'vows' specifically, for moi} for the metro north back to CT. 

Happy anni, CBC. 
with you, what's old is new again.
{except for your MC Hammer wedding suit - we can probably put that one to rest}