the nerd in me loves this video explaining Manhattanhenge.

I've kept my love affair with NYC no secret over the years.  Trite as it may seem, this city holds a sizeable piece of my heart, for various reasons.  Not the least of which, it's where I met and fell in love with horseface CBC, in the thick of our mid-twenties majesty.  We recently celebrated our ten year anniversary in the big apple, missing manhattenhenge by a few weeks, unfortunately.  {It was raining, regardless}

We had a wonderful stay at the broome.  'Twas not Paris, as planned, but there was a significant nap involved so it was tres magnifique in my book.

Continuing with our fronch theme, we celebrated with a special meal at Mas {farmhouse} 

This is code for tiny portions and lots of wine.  
Again, okay in my book.

We rounded out our brief jaunt with a leisurely brunch in SoHo, some Laduree macarons and the times {style section, 'vows' specifically, for moi} for the metro north back to CT. 

Happy anni, CBC. 
with you, what's old is new again.
{except for your MC Hammer wedding suit - we can probably put that one to rest}

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