here's the TOP TEN THINGS I MEANT TO POST ON TOP TEN TUESDAY IN ANTICIPATION OF THANKSGIVING and seeing as I can't get my days straight I'm slightly nervous about pulling this all together.  here's what my chaotic brain is telling me is "the plan"

1. PLACE CARDS - As much as I "wish" that I did, I just don't have it in me this year to recreate the DIY wishbones from the glorious SMP living, so i am going to buy a mix of wishbone and feather ornaments to use as napkin holders and place cards.  these will also serve as a take home favor for guests to hang on their tree for the holiday season.
2. SERVEWARE - seeing as we just moved, it's tough to find anything when we are actually looking for it.  I guarantee the carving set is buried in the furthest part of the garage so I'm tempted to buy a few gold pieces that i've been wanting anyway and using the move as an excuse. {for the thousandth time}
3. TABLE SETTING - Love the chalkboard table runner.  Going to grab one for the kids table, too.  And the gold confetti place mats are festive and disposable and will be the perfect backdrop for our china.  I need a bit of color and these serena & lily napkins are just the soft hues I am looking for {and on sale!}  also i'm obsessed with anything velvet, so warm and inviting so will be using velvet ribbon wherever i see fit.
4. COCKTAILS - obviously my favorite part of Thanksgiving is drinking spending time with loved ones.  Going to whip up these two festive cocktails this year while I let everyone else stress over the meal.
5. CENTERPIECES - I'm not messing around with anything here.  headed straight to the profesh.  sending these images to my dear flores mantilla and having her work her magic.  it's such a bountiful and beautiful time of year and I love the beauty and warmth of these arrangements.
6. FROMAGE - again, while I let everyone else sweat the meal, I will be picking out some of my fave American cheeses to nibble on while drinking spending time with loved ones. If you aren't lucky enough to have a fabulous local cheese monger like Dougie at Shubie's you can still order the bestest Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog.  delish.
7. CANDLELIGHT- is the key to warm and inviting table!  I love the mix of soft color and golds and always have my ana's striped tapers on hand.
8. MY OUTFIT - will feature elasticized waist pants, most likely in the form of fleece leggings and a super cozy relaxed sweater and my minnetonka boots.  It's all about being comphy and cozy on turkey day.  I won't even have to unbutton my pantelones when the tryptophan - cocktail combo catches up with me.  This ensemble is perfect for a quick snooze on the couch during whatever that game is that everyone watches on TV on Thanksgiving 
9. MY GIRLS' OUTFITS- want them to be cozy and comphy but also look adorbs. {no effing elsa nightgowns!}
love these from crewcuts.  and the glitter moccasins are amaze.
10.  I WILL NOT forget the most important thing to do on THANKSGIVING.
so so SO much to be thankful for. 


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