We had many adventures this past week during C & P's April break . . . We squeezed in a brief trip to one of my fave places on the planet.  
Every time I visit New York, I'm desperate to bring a bit of it back home with me. 
5. came across the lovely VERRIER BOUTIQUE as we were leaving grand central - adore their sparkly designs and will be purchasing a glittery print for C & P's room.
6. and of course the best thing you can bring home from NYC are the memories . . . we loved seeing MATILDA on broadway with Auntie Genine, and the train ride was fun, too.
*rainbow tix image via

Phoebe says her fave song from the show is 'WHEN I GROW UP' - which obvs makes me cry. Perhaps it was the swings, but I'm hoping it's a little bit more than that.

Thank you, Auntie Genine, for the wonderful trip, and thank you, Mom, for exposing me to Broadway & the other magical experiences the big Apple has to offer, so many times when I was young.
And thank you, New York, for never ever disappointing.

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