here's a glimpse at some of my loot.

1. love-love my new TB foundation bracelet from my fab sissy in law.
2. the veuve was flowing at my surprise party that horseface threw together in honor of me turning 38 and 4 days old.  i'm still trying to shake off the bizarrely mortifying and exhilarating feeling of being completely surprised.  {a sweet friend miraculously salvaged the bottle she gifted for me to enjoy after the celebration}
3. this ginormous insulated cup from dunks was delivered by one of my fave gals evah, poolside, with enough iced coffee to keep me awake for the week of over-indulging.  {mine is actually pink, which is sold out.  don't be a hater}
4. horseface got me these calypso earrings.  i would probably never choose them for myself but something about envisioning my non-shopper hubs {he despises} wandering aimlessly around newbury street warms my heart.  so i cherish them. {and him}
5. my mother in law bought these earrings {along with #9} off the shoppe on my blog.  i adore her for so many reasons, but love that she thought to do this.  
6. a dear faraway friend knows the true way to my heart -- uber-expensive skincare products!  i was over the moon when a package arrived on my special day with the la prairie white caviar spot treatment and 7. cellular radiance cream blush.  i seriously live for this shiz!  {and her}
8. worship my new s'well water bottle in bikini pink from my fave person on the planet.  can't wait to hit the beach with 'it' this summer.
9. the joie top my MIL gifted was in pink {obvs} which is now sold out, but I also love this yellow one which is on major sale.
10. adore these loren hope baubles.  again, my friends stalked the blog and saw that I was eyeing these beauties.
11. perhaps the most thoughtful {and ridiculous} gift this year was from my lunatic friend that managed to personally transport my favorite dessert from her family vacation in key west.  picturing her juggling her children and the pie on the flight is the gift that keeps on giving. 
12. my mom not only drove up from CT to hand deliver my gifts, she also hit it out of the park this year.  she stuck to lots of frenchie themed lovelies {mug, framed pic} but also a gorge turquoise bracelet.  she hinted that she wants one for herself . . . hmmmm, her birthday is right around the corner.
13. I received a plethora of peonies from some of my favorite little nephews and niece, very thoughtful friends, and even c & p's babysitter!  obsessed.
14. i love candles and this one I had never owned before is already making my nose happy.

{stay tuned for the list of crap i bought myself.  yikes.}

feeling seriously unworthy of all the generous gifts and gestures {bagels and manis and pedis, oh my!} - too many to name here - luckiest gal, I am.
it was a BIG week --from lunch with my besties by the pool on a picture perfect day leading into willy nelson {ahem, and johnny depp} on my actual,  a GNO at my fave local spot with some fabulous ladies,  mini golf with my minis,  our exterior paint job finally being done - woohoo! {stay tuned for post in the near future} 
and a truly unexpected intimate {is that code for blackout?} gathering at our home. . . 
 . . . starting my 39th year with a grateful heart . .  and a nap.

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