it's so tempting to buy our kids EVERYTHING for Christmas because it's truly the most wonderful time of the year through the eyes of a child and their excitement is infectious, but when January rolls around and they are 'bored' and there's a zillion cheap toy parts laying around the party is ovah.  so our approach is to mix things that are practical {boots/slippers/sports equipment} and/or will truly stand the test of time {books/collectibles} - or just really keep them busy in a positive way.  so here we go!
{i must admit my girls are not too psyched to get clothes as presents these days.  they want that shit just to magically appear in the drawers . . . unless . . . it is sparkly!}
{these are legit on C & P's list to santa} 
LOVE the idea of matching jammies to the book!
classic game with a twist.  this will inspire family time. HF loves princesses.
7. BOO
C & P have dranken the BOO juice. at least he doesn't take up a lot of room.
these beautiful renditions of the classics are the gifts that will keep on giving.
never too young to teach our girls the importance of a healthy mind & body
love these collectible animals.
these are heinous, obvs, but the girls need their frozen fix and i'd rather have it with something practical then a toy.  they are going to go BONKERS over these.
more light-up footwear AND unicorns = happy happy girls.
sorry not sorry - we heart barbie.
better than a drum set 
did my research and "crash" and "booboo" crawford should actually be able to handle these bad boys.  in theory.


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