same rules apply for stocking stuffers as my GIFT GUIDE FOR LITTLE GIRLS 
i'm determined not to enter a store for the next 9 days {except for sweet treats!} so i'll be stuffing with the following - free shipping on all!
1. best water bottle evah comes in kiddo size - 30% off with code JINGLE
2. the girlies are going to love this winter charm necklace {also 30% off code JINGLE}- especially since santa is bringing them the ice skates on their list
3. Spot-it is a the perfect sized game for the stocking and obvs the frozen edition is their fave
5. It's all about the accessories. Never too many mittens and these cupcake ones are sure to be a hit. {only 12 dollar! and free shipping}
6. remember pin art?  can't resist for nostalgia purposes.
7. Princess crayons - need i say more?
8. Tapefitti keeps my girls busy for hours.
9. never too many hats either - love this hello hat for 8 dollars!
10. the perfect bow - going to use this as a ploy for them to wear ON Christmas - clearly that's why Santa put it in the stocking.
11. we love to collect ornaments over the years - thinking this lollipop one is adorbs.  {will throw in a  matching real lollipop}
13. hair ties - another thing we can't have too many of!
14. these lip gloss rings are a bad idea.  it's happening anyway.

* womp.  seems #2 is sold out - going with this rope necklace instead.

happy stuffing!

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