I was lucky enough to see this glorious being on my birthday with my fave peeps in a ridiculous location on a gorgeous night.  HAPPIEST I've ever been.
Lawn on D is a new venue in the middle of South Boston - complete with neon tire swings, food trucks, 
beers, string lights, and pure joy.

clearly, Alex & I are locking eyes at this moment.

The first time we saw Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes was at the Orpheum about 3 years ago - it was the second happiest I've ever been.  
Jade was in the band then - what a heartbreaking love story with one of the greatest love songs ever written to come out of it.

Jade & Alex used to be in love and now she's not in the band. {womp}
 I was concerned that they would attempt to replace Jade, and there is no way anyone could stand up to her voice of 10,00 angels, but my boy Alex did not replace Jade.  When it was time for Jade's iconic part of "Home"-  real people from the audience were invited on stage to share their brief stories of inspiration.  genius.  
Jade, girl, wherever you are, wishing you well.

Back to Alex . . .


you're a man on fire.

 call me.

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