1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

After spending most of Monday in the fetal position listening to the Cure and Edie Brickell, I'm ready to give a brief overview of Canterbury's Centennial weekend.
I was under the weather last week so missed the Friday night festivities but came in hot Saturday AM with Bloody Mary fixin's for my impromptu Beautycounter party on Sheehan Terrace.  

Then roamed around campus for dayzzzzzz.  

Toured our old rooms and found etchings on doors and desks made by our teenage hands over 20 years ago. . . 

Some of my fellow'94 classmates took the time to admire a very special brick on the centennial path and to toast an old friend who sadly passed away last year - 
We miss him . . .
so so much.

other bricks that made me smile . . .

and then we drank some more and prepared for "the party of the century" -  
lucky me had the best chaperone ever.  CBC's little sister is a fellow alum (class of '08) who took her big brother's text 'to keep an eye on Sarah' rather seriously.  She hardly had any fun at all while hanging with the big kids ('94 and above) until 4 am . . .

we danced the night away in the ridiculous tent/city. . . 

Captured a very blurry pic with my advisor and headmaster of four years 
{which perhaps aged him 14-40 years} . . .

He never gave up on me and has continued to make Canterbury the success it is today.  
Bravo, Tom!

we saw old friends, made new ones . . .
{too busy for pics}
we sang happy birthday . . .

we sipped champagne beneath the fireworks . . .

we laughed, we cried -- 
and most of all, we acted like complete donkeys into the wee hours of the morning. 

{not posting those pics}

we surveyed the damage . . .

we prayed . . . 
for someone to clean up and they did. {thank you older alumni dude}

and then we said goodbye . . . reluctantly. 
{I may or may not have left out a few hundred details but you get the gist}

My birthday is tomorrow and I could not feel more blessed to live the life I lead.  
My family, my work, my friends . . . but I realized {somewhere along my torturous 3.5 hour drive home} this is where it all began.
Thank you fellow Canterbury Saints across the board for never ever being boring -
especially the Class of '94, you maniacs.
Thank you ERL for remaining my best friend . . . 
Thank you Mom & Pop for sacrificing for me to attend Canterbury.  
Thank you Canterbury for dealing with my sh*t {you must admit, I was/am sort of hilarious} and for providing me with the foundation for my real life education - the things that mean most to me.  
Because of you, I truly value relationships, history, tradition, friendship, family & roots . . . and can drink for twenty hours straight without passing out 

With all of my heart -
Happy Birthday, Canterbury!

OMG - I just fully wrote a yearbook dedication, didn't I?