It is very hard for me to restrain myself when it comes to buying girly giftys.  Santa only brings 3 things per kiddo to this house, so that helps keep us in check.  Of course, mom and dad can add a bit under the tree, but we attempt to not be excessive.
1. I've been swooning over the Penguins classic book collection for a few years, as I know they would look beautiful in c & p's room, but now that they can read, I truly think this is a gift we can all be excited about this year.  Haven't decided whether I'm going to swing for the motherload {170 for set of 10, domino} or this set of 6 for 105, Barney's New York
4. My girls are obsessed with Shopkins.  They both got the ice cream truck {18.99, Target} for their recent birthday and they love it! {thanks, Nancy-pants!}
13. Yep, my girls are still digging on Boo, and I must admit, I'm quite smitten with his dance moves, as well. Dancing Boo, 56, Nordstrom
14. Flower Basket Artfolio, 20, Barney's New York

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