1. Is your dude obsessed with Sriracha?
Sriracha2go Key Chain, 6.99, Etsy
2. Dollar Shave Club delivers the best razors right to your mailbox, every month.  The gift that keeps on giving.
Starting at, you guessed it, 1 dollar, Dollar Shave Club
3. Mrs. T's Bloody Mary mix not cutting it during airplane travel?  This amazing Carry-On Cocktail Kit should do the trick {comes in 3 varieties}.  24, Nordstrom
CBC not a huge "monogram guy" but I did these a few years ago with a P on one and C on the other and that seemed to go over pretty well.
6. I'm going to be honest, I'm not entirely clear on what this does but it's the #1 selling item on Amazon and seems like something dudes would love.
Fire TV Stick, 39.99, Amazon 
7. I gifted this Patagonia Beanie to CBC a couple of years ago.  And I will be requesting that he wear it to bed from now on after seeing this insta last night of my berfriend.
if you want your dude to be hot and hilarious like the oliver hudson, you'll buy him one, too. #sorryhorseface #sorrynotsorry 
{this is pretty much the coolest toothpaste on the market}
13. Gifting candles is pretty self-serving but sometimes I don't mind if mantown smells like something other than beer and fishing gear . . .and beer.
Jonathan Adler Bourbon Candle, 42, Nordstrom
14. And because we can never find one when we are looking for it. 
 Wooden Tape Measure, Special 19 from 29, Mark and Graham
Nice little reminder this time of year . . . 

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