The Thrill of the Chaise

I stole the title of today's post from one of my fave peeps ever, Miss Kate, whom I used to babysit for many moons ago.  It's the name of her fabulous blog.  She's every bit as lovely as she is clever. 

It is a cold rainy dreary day here and I am so happy to be parked on my new & improved chaise.  A few years ago I 'surprised' horseface with this beauty.
The chaise, covered in Gillian's Zebras by Brunschwig & Fil, not the dog.
 . . . actually . . . come to think of it . . . 

Miss LooLoo was a bit of a surprise, too! Not sure which one he was more thrilled about.

 *I digress *
said chaise has become my home office on many an occasion. 
And has undergone a recent makeover. 
{buy bye, creepy china dolls riding zebras}
images by White Loft Studio
Every home should have at least one piece of this fantastically fabulous furniture.

via Lonny
via This is Glamorous
via Domino
via Elle Decor
via oomph
If anyone is wondering where I could truly die happy, it's in this Parisian loft, specifically on that chaise.
via casa Vogue
via The Apartment

these green machines happen to live in McDreamy's Malibu home.  
via DecorPad
via My Domaine
via AD
via sweet pea and willow

 And here's a sneak peek of my old but new again baby in real time.
{forgive the non-profesh pic}

And there you have it, the thrill of the chaise.

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