I realize some of these are trite - but I'm making a big push to get healthy this month after over-indulging for longer than I can remember. wish me luck with the boo tea cleanse {yikes!}
Time is going by faster than ever and I really want to be better about writing in my journal.  {I love the one line a day book}
This time of year is tough - it can be isolating and well, just plain miz.  I'm hoping to brighten my nearest and dearest's short winter days with some good ol' fashioned snail mail.
 Yesterday, I saw the movie wild and this quote struck me, corny as may be . . .

"My mother used to say something that drove me nuts," Reese's character says. " 'There's a sunrise and a sunset every day, and you can choose to be there for it -- you can put yourself in the way of beauty.' "

Dreary winter months more than ever, we need some beauty, so I'm going to walk my little ladies on down the street to check out the sunset whenever we can.
Last but not least, I will be writing valentines again.  I've strayed a bit from the handwritten note format that I feel so passionate about so back to my roots!  who's with me?

happy new year, everyone.  time to walk the pups.

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