the winter blues are coming on strong this week as both wee ones have strep and CBC is in sunny california {I'M TOTALLY NOT BITTER}  
here are some of my BFFs this week . . . 

1. Lined up a sitter so I can make it to yoga for some exercise and sanity.  Needed a new yoga mat as last week when I went to a class someone pointed out that I was covered in actually pieces of my mat since George had scratched the shiz out of it. {so handsome. SO naughty.}
2.  I find myself boiling the tea kettle about ten times a day.  It not only gives me something to do I'm also 
4. Since I am trapped in the house, I want it to at least smell good.  So I'm always burning a nice candle.
5. Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate is a skin-saver in the dry winter months.
6. I refused to put a TV in our main living area in the new house.  So attempting to unplug & read in front of the fireplace {see #8} during these long winter nights.
7. My hands are beyond dry - this is helping.
8. Fire, fire, fire!  one of the only things I like about winter.
9. Aaaaaaaguaaaaaaaa . . . lots of it.  It's that or eating a dozen chocolate chip cookies a day {which wouldn't be good for #14}
10.  Sweater weather is an understatement.  At least some cute ones like this one are on major sale. 
11. Again with the dryness, dammit - Lip treatment.
12. Plenty of time to catch up on back issues of my favorite magazines and orchestrate some home improvement projects.
13. Slippers: First thing on, last thing off.
14. And the thing that really kept me off the ledge this week was booking a trip to warmer temps.  {is that cheating? JETBLUE FOR PRESIDENT}


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