I'm not a neutral gal, about anything, most certainly not decor.  But today we are literally snowed in and I'm finding the white outside very soothing.  
Day-dreaming about an all white living room in a parallel life without dogs, kids, or red wine {sounds pretty  . . . boring}

here's what's in my imaginary white living space . . .
1. diptyque '34' scented candle - intoxicating.
2. sort of obsessed with the oomph gossip chair
3. love cole & son's rope wallpaper  - it would provide just enough interest in an all white space.
via matouk
4. i'm a matchbox hoarder.  this one with extra long fireplace matches is perfect for the mantel.
5. never enough cozy blankies. this one is 60 percent off.
6. the audrey lamp  - 'nough said.
7. i'm dying to incorporate some fuzzy mongolian lamb loveliness. this stool is precious.
8. obligatory coral sculpture
9. another thing I collect - trays!
10. dammit, I skipped over 10.
11. my new baby, the radcliffe cocktail table,  LOVE her.
12. these pillows are pretty much what marblehead looks like right now.  
14. love me some foo dogs
17. nesting tables {on sale}
18. more pillows . . . always
19. these faux croc x-benches are the newest addition to our living room - perfect to pull up to the fire.

UPDATE: just braved the outdoors to see if all that white was as calming as it seems. . . not so much.

our neighbor for prez for snow blowing our driveway.

and here's where you can find me for the rest of the day.  
just add wine.

happy snow day!

next up, WHITE OUT bedrooms.

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